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Book Review: Starwars; Secrets from the Dark Side

bookofsithAuthor: Daniel Wallace
Publisher: Titan Books £12.99
Review by: Crazyivanuk

Starwars; Secrets from the Dark Side, is an amazing look at the Sith from their beginning to how they became what you see in the movies.

The book itself is made to look like a tome. It has a brownish red leather looking cover, with a black pattern going round the edge, and then inside that there is the cover text. Regular visitors of Geeklore will know that we reviewed the Jedi book, which is very similar to the Book of Sith. The first thing you will notice, is that the pages of the book are shaped very differently but we will cover that a bit later on in the review.

As a long time Starwars fan, I have read a lot of books which expand on the Starwars Universe, and this is no different. It really goes into detail about the how the Sith came to be; from the exiled Jedi, to the true blood Sith. It’s all in this book, and let me tell you it makes for some great reading. Any Starwars fan should not miss this, it’s a great look into a part of the Starwars history that we all thought we knew. There are some parts in the book that just made me think how dark the Sith really are, and how much we really need to see this in the films.

The book itself is put together like a journal, or should I say scrap book, of what remains of the journals of past Sith. It has notes from people such as Luke and other important people from the Starwars universe which really adds to the feel. It’s like you have this really ancient tome, and as you read through the book and go into different chapters the edges of the paper change, along with the colour. All this adds to the age of the book, and what they are trying to achieve with the design and feel of it.


I understand that this is yet another book to add, to what is a huge collection for any Starwars fan, and yet more cash to pay out, but I would recommend you do it. It’s such a high production book and fits so well with the what they did with the Jedi book. The information stored in its pages is amazing. It’s always hard to review a book like this, as I don’t want to give too much away, as it would spoil it for the reader, but I will say one thing, I was totally unaware of how many types of power the Sith had, it’s kind of scary!

Overall; if you are a Starwars fan, it’s a great book to add to your collection, and at £12.99 it’s well worth the money. If you’re new to the Starwars universe, or just starting out on your book collection, you can not go wrong with buying this. It will arm you well in your travels across a galaxy far far away…

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