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Time Shards by Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald.

In keeping with the overarching plot of the book lets begin at the end and work backwards (or forwards….who knows). Its great, quite frankly it is one of the best page turning novels I have had the pleasure to read in a long time, the last few chapters pick up the pace of what is a very well written and paced book.That being said lets get down to brass tacks.

The first few chapters introduce you to the main two characters Amber a 21st century young lady attending a anime convention and Cam the young celt warrior who at the start is currently not enjoying his day, little does he know how much worse its going to get for him. Alternating the time line the first two chapters introduce them with just enough detail to piques your interest and spur you onward to delve further into their characters.

Then ‘it’ happens. One page, One paragraph. Time shatters!.

Then the book shifts gear plunging you down into the rabbit hole of broken time lines introducing you to the wide and varied moments of time breaking like a stained glass window, throughout it manages to be horrific with out being gory, creates high tension and moments when you just need to remind yourself to take a breath.The chapters roll on by effortlessly, progressing the plot, even the well dispersed breakaway chapters do not detract from this but instead add to the ‘what on earth just happened’ feeling you have.

Before you realise it you’re three quarters of the way through it and still really none the wiser as to what happened or how, even if by now you have been introduced to the rest of the rag tag bunch of ‘survivors’ including Blake the stiff upper lipped British Soldier from World War 2 who by now has at least redeemed himself from your previous assumptions about him.

The ending is suitably climatic and the Juxtaposition of the cultural clashes over the time periods is well handled and thought out as are the descriptions regarding creatures that now roam through such a stitched together landscape.

Overall the book will leave you wanting more from this pair of writers.

Would I recommend this – Yes with out hesitation.
Who would I recommend it for – young teens and upwards there are enough references to pop culture to suit almost any age.

By Chris

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