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BlackFish City Review


Aug 10, 2018

I went into this book with an open mind, unsure what to expect, what I was greeted with was a fantastically laid out story, its plot arcing out like the arms of the city it is set in. Following these characters you gain an insight into what could be described as a post-apocalyptic future, you get glimpses of what happened but mostly you follow the Three to Four main characters as they go about their days each trying to survive to carve out a sense of belonging in the migrant filled floating city of Qaanaaq.

From the moment you enter this world through the eyes of ‘Fill,’ you start on your journey through the city seeing it as each of the characters do, and always unsure of where they will each take you but always wanting to learn more about this all too realistic future. The characters jostle for position each chapter from another’s point of view, another window into this startlingly well thought out and described world ( I now see the reference to Philip Pullmans world building to be more than accurate! ) each new chapter bringing you one step closer to what is an unexpected and unforeseen ending.

From the moment I started reading, I had mental images covering some of the best sci-fi and Manga movies/cartoons I’ve seen, the description of the beam fights especially had me envisioning it as an anime cartoon with all the visually stunning moments all being seen through my minds eye, it is a gorgeous mix of sci-fi, ecological warnings and maybe just the slightest hint of magic, I honestly hope that I will get a chance to revisit this city and this world and very much look forward to reading more from the author.

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