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Balasar silver dragonborn oath of vengeance paladin, new leader of the order of the silver dragon, head of argonvostholt slayer of the evil that polluted the land of barovia. Wielder of the maul of the morning Lord, talented negotiator, father to two human children (adopted), dancer, musician, lover, chef and protector of those who are unable to protect themselves…


A human Cleric of Helm

Aelari, a tall, lithe and bearded half elf is a loyal, devoted fighter, who was bought up in the town of Silverymoon. He stands always outwardly overconfident appearing aloof and unapproachable. He inherited his fathers strong frame, his mother’s wry wit and proclivity for fire based protection and offensive magic which are focussed from his glowing green sword ‘Tranquility’.

He wears a magic breastplate, centered with a red gem which protects him from possession, however his other armour is basic, almost Saxon-esque, although of a truly fine quality.