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Here are the characters from the Tuesday Game.


Thamola is a human monk who is loyal, strong willed and can absolutely kick arse when needed! She grew up in a small town, supporting her Dad in his carpentry shop after her mom passed away so has strong family values as well as excellent carpentry skills. Thamola then travelled, with a thirst to explore and took solace in the Tigers Nest Monastery. She picked up excellent kung fu skills amongst others. When she left the monastery and met the NAFC’s, she realised she had met her calling in life. She is surrounded by empowered and gifted people with the same desire to do good in the world. She has earned their friendship and respect and has almost died in battle a couple of times trying to help them. Her favourite thing to do in battle is to use her magical fists and really cause damage, especially when she is able to stunning strike them! Thamola is a great character to play, even if the dice aren’t always on her side!!!






Logan asked me to write this scroll to tell you all about myself (I guess so people in the future can know all about all us NAFCs). Anyway, Logan doesn’t usually ask for stuff so this is all very exciting.

So I’m a Dwarf Cleric, and I come from the Giant’s Run Mountains, which, fun fact, aren’t actually used for giant races! Most dwarves come from big families, but not me, because my parents had trouble having babies until they were blessed by Sharindlar herself (I KNOW). So, of course, that’s why I dedicated my life to her. It was a bit lonely without any siblings like all the other dwarves, but I try to build my own big family full of friends instead. 😀

So to prepare to build this friend family I spent all my childhood years studying different cultures and races and oh my sharindlar there are SO MANY cool people out there. My parents were annoyingly protective though so as soon as I had my adult birthday I was like RIGHT time for adventures and new friends. They didn’t want to let me go but I’m really good with stone and like super wise so I can handle basically anything anyway.

I’m super lucky because my life has been so full of love and sunshine and I know lots of people don’t have that so I really hope I can spread a bit of sunshine and Sharindlar’s love around. I can’t believe I’ve found the bestest set of friends to travel with, the NAFCs, they’re definitely my friend family, especially my beautiful Violet. I’ve even met a lich and a DRAGON. Honestly, adventuring is awesome. Anyway, Logan is watching me write and I think he’s mad that there’s so many words, so that’s it, bye!!

OH – it’s Daffie by the way!


I am leefa nightbreeze.
I am full of adventure, I will not hide from danger but will just open the door and step right in. Protecting my friends at all cost
I am smart, agile and quick to anger I can be a very fierce rival. My chosen weapon to smite my foes is a long sword- voror (protector) which splits into two swords for a duel welding approach, which I prefer. A slashing attack.





Violet Noir

Violet, the rogue Tabaxi. Violet can be very wary upon first meeting you but once she gets a sense for your character she quickly makes her mind up to whether you are her kind of person. If Violet establishes a connection with you she will be loyal to the end. She is protective and dependable and will always remain faithful and true to those she loves the most. Violet does not shy away from danger and will often put herself first when entering possible treacherous situations by using her incredible stealthy skills which have kept her safe on several occasions. She often slips into the shadows completely unnoticed and her sneak attack and other rogue abilities prove essential for her when in battle. She is more of a fighter than a talker and although she doesn’t favour a weapon she reaches for her Rapier and short bow the most. Violet has found personal peace with the NAFCS and is no longer consumed by the disappearance of her beloved Orc Yambul, although she does sit quietly and think about him on her night watches. She has formed a strong bond with everyone in the group, particularly Daffie who she trusts with her life and she will fiercely defend at any cost. More likely than not, where Daffie is Violet is. Violet isn’t the chattiest and will often sit and observe before getting involved, charisma is not her strong point put her dexterity is on point and her passive intelligence keeps her alert at all times.




Ryllae Shadowfoot

I am Ryllae Shadowfoot. I am a half-elf Sorcerer. Don’t ask me about what type of Elf my father was. I do not know. He didn’t hang around long enough to find out.

I didn’t choose to be a sorcerer. My powers were thrust upon me during a botched robbery. I am now cursed/blessed with incredible power. Incredibly chaotic power that has a mind of its own and makes me a danger to friends and family. Just when I think I am getting control of things, everything goes crazy and I’m farting flowers or launching fireballs. No, seriously! I’ve recently spent several days as a man. It was eye opening experience.

So right now I’m joined up with a band of adventurers called the NAFCs. This merry band are as chaotic as my magic. It is an eclectic mix of people who shockingly have accepted me just as I am. Probably for the first time in my life. I have always been striving to fit in. For my entire life I have been trying to hide my elfness, follow the tribes rules and please my grandfather. And so far I have just been a constant disappointment to him.

I don’t know what I bring to these adventurers. I’m not brave or a good fighter. I am not charismatic or stealthy. My thievery skills have not come in handy yet. I supposed I can heal and throw a bit of magic around. It is definitely lovely being part of the team. Yes, There is always constant noise with chatting, music, the cleaning of weapons or training but they are starting to feel more like my family than my own. The family that chose me.

The danger we are facing is getting more extreme. The fate of Faerun may depend on our dysfunctional group. I only hope I do not let this team down when they need me the most.



The rules to being a mercenary are simple; find a well paying job, get the job done within the details of the contract and leave. Try not to work for the same person twice, trust no one and always keep moving.

Well, the past few months have been strange, even for my lifestyle. I am a mercenary, I come from the clans of the North. I left my family to go and train with my forefathers, to follow my family’s bloodline. My birth family did not want to follow our bloodline and chose a different course. Me, I chose the path of the Echo Knight.  I started my training, learning how to leave an anchor of myself in another part of time and how to manipulate that echo in battle. The training was difficult, but after many years I was sent out into the field. The years passed and I made a name for myself ‘The Lone Wolf’. Gold was coming in easier than ever. There was no job I would not take if the gold was right, and it did not matter what I did to get it. Until that one fateful day when I met a man by the name Endrith.  He offered me a deal that I could not turn down; look after a new group of adventurers and make sure they get out of whatever trouble they are getting themselves into.  Easy. What followed was the strangest month of my life, but also ,admittedly, some of the best times I have had and definitely the most chaotic. It is hard not to like the NAFCs, as they call themselves, they come up with the craziest plans, which made by anyone else would fail, but somehow they make it work. So, here I am, Logan Echo Knight of the North on an new and unclear path, where is my brother when I need him? His “enlightened” words would not go amiss at this time.




You’ve probably heard Le’ki’s name and if you haven’t then you obviously have no taste in music! Le’ki is a talented Bard, favouring singing a sweet melancholy melody accompanied by their lute, their biggest hit to date is ‘Lost Frontier’ and is always requested by their fellow travellers. They have travelled all the realms, performing to the masses but never calling anywhere home. They have no family, or none they are interested in and no friends, mainly acquaintances which is why the NAFCs have caught Le’ki off guard. They have constantly run all their life, fearing they would be found until now.
Le’ki is more of a lover, rather than a fighter and will try and charm all creatures great and small. They had only killed once before joining the NAFCs and had vowed to never do it again. Le’ki prefers to use distanced spells and hiding rather than being caught in the centre of the battle, but if her new friends are in danger, Le’ki will always be as brave as they possibly can.