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Professor Neill Frost, ex addict, drinker of tea never coffee, wearer of the mighty tweed jacket (with leatherette elbowpads) carrier of the satchel of neverending marking, tall bean pole, runner of long distances, easily frightened, constantly on the edge of a nervous breakdown, currently being dragged through court as his wife filed for divorce, community college teacher, expert in ancient language and history, meat suit for the monster inside.

MONSTER, smasher of things, harbinger of doom, unkillable wrecking ball of destruction, has mild anger issues and communication problems as he is purely a construct of Neills exaggerated emotional and mental discomfort and manifestation of his negative self image.

Jerry ‘Jackpots’

In the beginning Jerry was an investment guru; owning multiple stock businesses his eruption happened as a result of his previous secret gambling lifestyle. Owing too much to a notorious cartel he was beaten and left for dead. His new instinct has given him wealth beyond any expectation, although he has squandered the ability for selfish means, finally losing his young family and friends through neglect and selfishness.

He struggles to see the benefit in anything not immediately or benefiting him. Anything selfless is though unprofitable and discarded.


Sarah is a 34 years old. Shy and timid. She is a Texan who works in NY as a clergy at a church. Sarah has DiD. Her prime, Eva, hasn’t been since 1945 after surviving a gas chamber in a concentration camp. Her main alters are Uriel, an angelic child who wields a flaming sword. Uriel is the protecting super-ego. Charles – aggression – a copy of an English soldier who protected her during her time in the concentration camp. He is the flamboyant Id, is every sense of the word. Quinnie.. is impulsive and childlike. A true damaged inner child trying to navigate an adult world while trying to maintain innocence and fun. She has around 100 alters in total called ‘The Choir, who all have varying skills and have been “collected” along her lifetime. Sarah is just the latest in that long line of identities…