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Realms of Pugmire Tabletop RPG Kickstarter

Just a reminder that there is 17 days left on the Realms of Pugmire Tabletop RPG kickstarter. here is its back story, if you would like to back it click the kickstarter icon.

Welcome to Realms of Pugmire. It’s a fantasy game about evolved pets and other animals with a strong connection to humanity, with dogs as the central characters. These characters live in the ruins of our world, using tools, language, and ingenuity to build a new civilization in their image, with the kingdom of Pugmire acting as a center of dog civilization.

Many of these dogs strive to learn about Man (also known as “the Old Ones”). They deify humanity as examples all should strive to emulate. Other nations, such as the cats in the Monarchies of Mau, have different perspectives on what came before, but all species recognize there was a world before this one, even though it’s now populated with mysteries and dangers.

As the dogs explore the world, they create and invent many new things, but also use what they can salvage. Some have even learned how to use the strange artifacts left behind by the Old Ones — rare and unusual magic relics, spells, and enchantments. We might dimly recognize them as the results of some far-flung futuristic invention, but any sufficiently-advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The art work for this game is amazing see what you think below.

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