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Now Available: Proteus Novas Compendium!

If your into Aberrant like we here well there is another great book just it the shelves, Proteus Novas Compendium, this is for the Trinity Continuum: Aberrant system here is a bit of information from the book

he world of 2028 belongs to novas. From Elites on the battlefield of international conflicts to OpNet stars broadcasting content from across the globe and beyond, novas change the course of humanity through their incredible powers.

The Proteus Novas Compendium provides bios for dozens of novas with details on their histories and current agendas. This book also contains stat blocks for several prominent novas, ready for use in your Trinity Continuum: Aberrant chronicle.

Proteus Nova Compendium contains:

  • Game stats for 28 prominent novas, presented in Antagonist and Playable Character format.
  • Character bios for nearly 200 prominent novas including dozens of plot hooks.
  • Basic guidelines for running organizations as Antagonists in Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.
  • New Paths for use with Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

If you want to pick yourself up a copy click the link and pop over to DrivethruRPG.

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