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This review contains spoilers!

We have waited 595 days! It feels like forever since we heard the infamous ‘DUUUUUUNDUN-DUDU-DUNDUN’ but it finally came!!!

I am a massive fan of the show, the books, the mythology, the world! So, needless to say, I have been pretty excited about Season Eight, and for me, it didn’t disappoint. Some amazing character interactions, and astounding scenes both in cinematics and nuance.

The opening scene was very reminiscent of Robert Baratheon and his entourage arriving all the way back in Season One. I love that the show seems to have gone full circle and is bringing elements from past episodes – the spiral pattern from the Pilot episode for example – creepy screaming dead Umber lad.

I must admit I did a little cheer when I saw all my favourite characters still alive and well, especially Tormund! The tense meeting between Sansa and Daenerys was beautifully portrayed, the snide looks from Sansa airing her disdain and disappointment. Her meeting with Tyrion wasn’t as warm as I had hoped considering all he did for her, and I was a little shocked that there was no reunion, in an episode packed FULL of them, between Sansa and The Hound, maybe this is yet to come. AND WHERE IS GHOST?!

Arya’s reunion with Jon was so heart-warming, and as ever with Game of Thrones, tinged with underlying messages. Her reunion with The Hound was just as I had expected it to be. Cold and distant, but there were definitely signs in both of them that they were both pleased and annoyed the other was still alive. Moving on to Arya’s reunion with Gendry – some chemistry there? Referring to her once more as M’Lady as he did back in Seasons 2 and 3. My mind instantly went back to “You would be My Lady”, I’m such a romantic, but I really hope something comes of this little flirtation. Gendrya forever!

So much happened in this episode I had to watch it twice to process it. Cersei and Euron (yuck), her reaction to him saying about putting a Prince in her belly was very odd, Theon’s rescue of Yara, their interactions, Bran …being… Bran, all the reunions, Bronn and his quest (eep! – will he??)! It feels very much like watching a skilled chess player at work, aligning all the pieces before making the final attack. I know others have complained about being underwhelmed by the episode, but for me it had all the things I would expect from a first episode, even weird staring Dragons (pets love to watch – it’s weird!). On the note of Dragons – JON RIDING RHAEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I genuinely shed a tear! Jon in his rightful place riding a dragon, a little shaky at first but his Targaryen blood taking over and him becoming more confident and relaxed. A long-awaited scene and I adored it! It was interesting to see him accomplish this before finding out his ancestry.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Sam, finding out about his Father and Brother after being so pleased to meet Daenerys, I felt for him. Sam telling Jon about his roots was simplicity; honest and moving. I loved this scene, I’m very excited to see how the information that Jon has received will play out in future episodes. Will Jon now make a play for the throne, or will he allow Daenerys to take her place, or will they form an allegiance? The ending was perfection, I can’t wait for the next episode!

I very much enjoyed this episode, incredible scenesso much to take in and process but every scene had a reason and a purpose. I have made my predictions for who will survive and who is Azor Ahai. I look forward to finding out over the next 5 weeks before it ends forever *sobs*.

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