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Planning For The Long Game Part 1


Mar 22, 2019

Let me give you a bit of history, I have been running an Aberrant game for the past year and a half. I broke it down into sessions which helped a lot, it got the players involved and also helped me to write the story knowing how many episodes the game was going to run over.

When we hit the end of Season one, I left it on a cliff hanger to make the players want to come back to the game at some point. It turned out that the players wanted to dive into session 2 the next week, which was great, but I only really had the first 2 episodes written up, so I sprang into action and get the rest of season 2 done.

I really enjoy writing my games this way, it can really give your NPCs a push to become really well-rounded people, but it also gives the players time to really invest in the NPCs making friends with some and fighting others. With season 2 underway, it also gave me the freedom to follow some ideas that I had in season 1 and expand on them for season 2, making storylines deeper for the players so they could expand their own characters in the world I had made. However, as I was running season 2 I started to think about season 3. If the players wanted to carry on once we reached the end of this story arch, it turns out they did, but they wanted a longer break this time. Which for me was great, as it gave me more time to work on season 3. At current, I’m moving the timeline along, as things have to change to keep the world fresh.

My to-do list:

Move the setting on to make for a known setting, but also fresh for the players

New enemies

New locations / Old ones revisited

New groups of people

Storyline links to past seasons

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