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The Diary of Dave Eldritch Part 1


Jul 29, 2018

I’m Sure there was a time when everything made sense, Maybe. Or at least a time when everything was simpler. Ignorance, as they say, had been bliss. Even before I met her I was aware of more than most people. In possession of knowledge not so much forgotten as disbelieved, the ability to perceive and alter the essential reality of things. How did i find this knowledge?

Couldn’t tell ya, you just kinda wake up to it, simple, maybe.

Can’t say I cared much about the big picture or the concept that maybe other people knew what I knew, I was always kinda insular like that. All I knew was it made my life easier, helped me keep myself to myself, and out of the kind of trouble “weirdo’s” like me tend to attract.

Then it happened, first a letter through my door, I never got letters, or bills for that matter, kinda like people forgot I existed. So, when I give in to curiosity and go see what this letter is going on about, this girl attracts my attention (by causing a car crash, and being chased by a crowd of freaks/junkies on horses/bikes/fuck knows) so I followed her, cause I figured I could help (the fact she was pretty damn hot kinda helped as well). Anyways, all kinds of crazy shit that I don’t even wanna go into cracks off after this, so me, a couple of other “weirdo’s” (a bookstore owner, and his shop assistant/lover?) and Norna (the girl in question) end up running from some spooks, and the aforementioned junkie/freaks, all of whom seem to have an even more fucked up take on “reality” than I do.

Anyways, turns out that Norna was needed in order to save the city cause the big spirit spider that protects it was dying or some shit, that’s what the “marauder” junkie/freaks said anyway. So we as a group, not me, the group, let them have her.

Like I knew they were gonna kill her in the process? maybe I could’ve coped if she hadn’t looked at me with those big green eyes and mouthed ” I love you” as they tore her limb from limb… Like hell I could.

Later, Much later, I found myself at home, maybe I blacked out or fainted or some shit, but there were no bullets in my gun, I was covered in cuts and bruises, and my head felt like an over-ripe watermelon. More worrying than that, there was a spider the size of my head standing on my armchair talking to me, who turned out to be Norna, I’m still not fully conversant with how that happened, but suffice to say my life is now a LOT more complex.

So here I am, wandering the country, trying my damnedest to find a way to get her back. Sometimes I wish I’d ignored the letter, the car crash, everything, but more than anything I wish I’d been selfish enough to risk everything for her, and not so cowardly as to throw her away to save the city. If it takes the same risk again, I’d give anything to save her…..

Ignorance was bliss……..

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