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Character Assassination

No this isn’t what you are thinking it isn’t a way in which characters can get killed off GM’s don’t need help with things like that, do they?

The idea occurred to the group I was playing with, at the time the party was having trouble “gelling” together quite the way we thought the characters should so after the session had finished we basically assassinated the players, characters and even the GM… it was a most satisfying experience, by now people who have done things like this will know what I am on about, however for the rest, who haven’t done this, or are new to role-playing this is a good thing, don’t worry it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

The point of this assassination was to improve the way the player’s were playing their characters and to help them see ways to strengthen the character and their relationships within the group. The process by which this is done is simple when the session is finished nominate a player (first time round its better that the GM starts) that player (or the GM) then in character tells another character/player what he/she/it thinks of them their strengths and weaknesses from their characters point of view that player then goes around all the players doing the same thing. Once all the players have done this then do the same thing again but this time instead of telling the players character you tell the player his/her (it’s) strengths/weaknesses as a player even suggest Ideas of how they can overcome some of them again repeat this for all of the players, Now the best bit (in my opinion anyway) this is where the players get to tell the GM what they think of the plot and how from their point of view it is progressing and what they as players want more of and what they want less of for example the players may want the GM to describe things in more detail to help them picture it or if they think that the plot is progressing to slowly then they might suggest ways in which to speed it up.

In all seriousness, this can get out of hand if players or the GM take this as a personal attack on the way they play or run in games, but remember that role-play is a game it isn’t worth losing friends over. This process is meant to help by new players /GM and even experienced players/GM’s this isn’t an excuse to get even for something a player or GM did in the game the criticism used is constructive so try to finish on a good point.

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