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Lair Of The Geek Team has been playing Aberrant for almost a year now, which for those who don’t know is Whitewolfs very old superhero game. Its one of the group’s goto system when we have not much to play. Then what normally happens is it ends up turning into a game bigger than its parts. This game is not the exception I started writing the game last year and had very defined ideas on how I wanted to tell this story, and as most Storytellers know it doesn’t matter how much you plan it will always change and my story has evolved along with the characters.

It’s really good to be back roleplaying again and I’ve already started to write for the next game after this game reaches a place where it will finish or I can leave it on a cliffhanger so we can come back to it another time, I find doing that is sometimes better than finishing it, as some players just need a break from the game and character they play.

Things for the next game I want to do, for one I want to start putting out a podcast again for the game, we did it once and it really worked so that will be coming back, also I may even live stream the game on twitch or some other way if we don’t want to use video. I have now set up a Discord channel for the site which I will place a link soon on the website for people to come join and chat about roleplay.

So we have a lot to come on the site and for out roleplay group, also along with the normal stuff like book reviews and roleplay game reviews the site is coming along well.

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