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Gavin Smith: Beauty of Destruction

image001Following on from The Age of Scorpio and The Quantum Mythology, The Beauty of Destruction (January 21st 2016) is in a dark, chilling exploration of the past, present and future of mankind.

A fast moving science fiction thriller set in a dark formidable future entwined with the depiction of a long-gone past, Gavin Smith has been praised by Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts and Hannu Rajaniemi as a rising star in space opera.

“With striking imagery and Smith’s incredible imagination, this is a dramatic and exciting slice of sci-fi…this will reward its readership with a thoroughly entertaining, multi-layered story with compelling heroines and anti-heroes.” – Fantasy Book Review

“fiendishly inventive, highly accomplished and compulsively energetic, and you won’t want to miss it.” – British Fantasy Society

“ if you are into military SF and testosterone sci-fi you’ll find this a real treat” – Concatenation