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matthelmSecret agent Matt Helm is back in the latest series re-release from Titan books the standalone novel The Terrorizers. Helm is
a “counter-assassination agent,” hired by the U.S. government to annihilate threats. A grittier, more realistic answer to
Fleming’s Bond, this latest re-issue is just as enthralling as the rest…

The survivor of a plane crash wakes up in a hospital in Canada,his memory a blank. Then in walks Kitty, a gorgeous woman,
who tells him that he is Paul Madden, a photographer, and her fiancé. Not bad. Except that a man on the phone keeps calling
him Matt Helm. Things don’t add up and this can only mean trouble. Donald Hamilton was nominated for his second Edgar Allan Poe
Award for Best Paperback Original with The Terrorizers.

About the Author
Donald Hamilton wrote 27 Matt Helm novels that have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. In addition to the Matt
Helm novels, Hamilton wrote a number of outstanding stand-alone thrillers and westerns, including The Big Country.

Release date 27 th OCTOBER 2015

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