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Praise for BARRICADE

steeplePublished by Gollancz on 18 June 2015
Trade Paperback £16.99 / eBook £8.99

“The end of civilization has seldom been such gruesome fun” THE FINANCIAL TIMES

“Jon Wallace, I warrant, is one to watch” TOR.COM

“Compelling, fast paced and full of action, some very violent, the story moves through a series of set pieces told in the first person, cleverly from a Ficial’s perspective. What makes this book a little different is the dual narrative strands: before and after the journey; a dislocation of time” WE LOVE THIS BOOK

“Jon Wallace keeps the pace up, delivering intense set pieces alongside plenty of twisted humour and bone-crunching violence” SFX

The Steeple looms over the barren wasteland of London. A one thousand story tower, The Steeple is all that remains of humanity’s failed civilisation, feared and revered by all, and haunted by broken remnants of the society now lost. For Kenstibec, The Steeple might be his only chance at survival.

Kenstibec is a Ficial – a genetically engineered artificial life form. Tough, highly skilled and difficult to kill, Kenstibec is used to the luxuries that he possesses. That is, until he loses the nanotech tat constantly repaired him. More mortal than ever, Kenstibec is no better than the few remaining humans clinging to live in the blighted, devastated world. Now called ‘The Reals’, these humans are locked in a long-standing conflict with their own creations.

Rumours of The Steeple’s secrets are the only hope that Kenstibec has left. With one thousand stories to climb and a ticking clock, for Kenstibec the only way is up.

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