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ghostswar5.1a1920s New York…but not everything is as history remembers it.

Ghost of Manhattan introduced us to the alternate New York, where coal-powered cars line the streets of Manhattan, while zeppelins and biplanes occupy the skies. The Ghost may have saved the city from The Roman, an evil mobster and his henchmen, but now there is a new menace on the streets. New York is plagued by hordes of brass raptors, attacking people and whisking them away in to the dark of the night. Vigilante hero The Ghost takes on the case and tracks the machines back to their creator, a crazed scientist on a mission to push the cold war with Britain into a full-blown conflict. He’s created a machine capable of breaking dimensional space and if those walls break down then nothing will be able to stop the evil from coming through.

Due out on the 13 March 2015

About the Author
George Mann is an author and editor born in Darlington, England and currently living in Nottinghamshire. He is the writer of the Newbury and Hobbes Investigations series as well as numerous short stories, novellas and audiobooks. He has also written fiction and audio scripts for the BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes .
“This sequel to Ghosts of Manhattan pits the superhero protagonist against a mad scientist in an action-packed
story patterned after the pulp fiction novels of the mid-20th century. Fans of steampunk and noir fantasy should
enjoy this unassuming adventure.” – Library Journal

“Exciting adventure; straightforward delivery; wonderfully captured retro feel… when you mix in the sf-romantic
elements of retro and steampunk, well, the result is a flavor that’s quite palatable indeed.” – SF Signal

“This is new pulp fiction at its finest, and I’m predicting there’s another Pulp Factory Award
nod in its future. Long live the Ghost!” – New York Journal of Books

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