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bookThe Highly Anticipated Third Installment Of The Arthur Wallace Series.

Another day. Another zombie T-­‐Rex to put down.

That’s just another day at the office for Arthur Wallace at M137  – the government agency tasked with protecting the public from everything
extra-­‐terrestrial, magical and generally nasty and weird that has it in for Earth and its  inhabitants.  He may save the world from day to day but that
doesn’t stop the new co-­‐director of M137 threatening his job or middle-­‐aged cyborg wizards from threatening his life. Co-­‐workers that make him lose his
mind are just a bonus.





authorAbout  the Author 

Jonathan Wood is  an English writer who currently lives in New York after falling in love and following his heart. Anti-­‐Hero is his third Arthur  Wallace
novel, following on from No Hero and Yesterday’s Hero. He has also written a number of short stories for  titles such as The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies,
Chizine, and Weird Tales.


Anti-Hero will be hitting shelves on the13th March 2015.