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PZO9090New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

The exciting conclusion to the sorcery-meets-superscience Iron Gods Adventure Path has arrived—are you ready to challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

The infamous Silver Mount has captured the imaginations of explorers and scholars across the Inner Sea—but few have ever returned from their pursuit of unimagined treasures. In “The Divinity Drive”, the sixth and final part to the Iron Gods Adventure Path, this adventure for 15th level characters will pit you against the Iron God itself. A host of deadly adversaries that have given up blood and bone for the god’s favor are in your path, though, along with traps and mysteries of otherworldly design—all designed to keep you from interfering with the culmination of the Iron God’s plans! Face off against undead security guards wielding laser pistols, robotic guardians, and the Iron God’s personal host of elite bodyguards, all while trying to solve the mystery of the Silver Mount!

In addition to the adventure, this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path also includes unique items such as the Arms of the Iron God or memory facets as well as extended entries on key NPCs for “The Divinity Drive”. A gazetteer offers numerous options for extending Iron Gods past this volume, including hints as to what else lies in the Silver Mount, but if you’ve got somebody itching to build their own robot, “Ecology of the Robot” is the article for you! An overview of available robots, including the heavy repair drone, and robot augmentations give you a taste of how your character can make their mark on the Inner Sea—or even beyond! Finally, Amber Scott concludes her “Whispers in the Wastelands” Pathfinder Journal, and five new creatures: the enormous and predatory feranth, the three-faced yarahkut inevitable, the marax hailing from Castrovel (which you can gain as an animal companion), director robot, and angel-winged evaluator robot!


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