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Ant-Man #1 Sec-ANT Printing On The Way and a Gi-ANT

ant2Marvel’s smallest hero with the big heroics is a critical smash hit! Launching just this week, Ant-Man #1 has all the critics raving! Marvel is pleased to announce that Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas’ debut first issue has completely sold out at the distributor level and will return for a Sec-ANT Printing!

Scott Lang has never been the world’s best super hero. Heck, most people don’t even think he’s been the best Ant-Man – and the last guy created Ultron and joined the Masters of Evil, so that’s really saying something. But all that’s about to change when the Superior Iron Man calls up Scott with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Everyone is raving about Ant-Man #1. Don’t believe us? Here’s what the critics had to say.

  • “With a blockbuster movie on the way, Ant-Man #1 is the perfect jumping on point for readers”
    The Washington Post
  • Get ready to be able to say you are now an Ant-Man fan
    – Comic Vine
  • “…with this top-notch team on board, you need to score yourself a front-row seat.”
    – Newsarama
  • “A strong contender for Comic of the Year” – 13th Dimension
  • “Ant-Man #1 is that perfect debut that manages to both introduce the character to unfamiliar readers and tell a compelling story in the course of a single issue.”
  • “It’s funny, emotionally engaging, and easily accessible regardless of your familiarity with the character.” – IGN
  • Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas set the bar for new Marvel books in 2015.”
    – Comic Book Therapy

The reviews are in – and you can’t afford to miss one of the biggest launches of the year. Missed your chance to get your hands on a copy? Well, you won’t want to miss it again when the Ant-Man #1 SecANT Printing returns to comic shops in February!


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