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The Blood On Your Sword Is The Blood Of A King!

PZO9089New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

Your heroes will be heading into the lion’s den with the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path!

All paths have lead to the heart of Numeria, to where the Technic League is mightiest—Starfall. In Pathfinder Adventure Path: Palace of Fallen Stars, the penultimate chapter of the Iron Gods Adventure Path will have you facing off against some of the mightiest agents of the Technic League, not to mention the Black Sovereign, Kevoth-Kul, who stands in your way to accessing the Silver Mount. Eluding the League’s agents will be the first step, but making allies in Starfall will also be a task for those brave heroes seeking to take down an Iron God!

In addition to the adventure for 13th-level characters, “Palace of Fallen Stars” also includes detailed writeups on key NPCs such as Kevoth-Kul, and five new items that your character might be able to acquire, such as a gravity cannon, implant mesh, memory facet, or Starfall spade! Starfall continues taking center stage in this Pathfinder Adventure Path volume with a gazetteer covering the important locations and life in the big city. The god of accidental death, Zyphus, gets new details, such as expectations of the clergy, holidays, aphorisms, not to mention a new spell, planar allies, and new obediences! Amber Scott’s Pathfinder’s Journal continues in “The Robot Thief,” and finally, four new creatures are eager to grace your Pathfinder campaign: the frost-covered gammenore, Zyphus’s herald Gravedigger, and two new robots: the juggernaut and surgeon robots!

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