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New Adventure Path: Iron Gods For Pathfinder

PZO9085_500Look at You, Adventurer, a Pathetic Creature of Meat and Bone!

The newest Pathfinder Adventure Path is here!

Dare to challenge the machines with the newest Pathfinder Adventure Path!

In Numeria, sorcery and super-science mix together, and theIron Gods Adventure Path begins with “Fires of Creation” by Neil Spicer! The pillar of violet flame that indelibly marks the town of Torch has gone out, and a civic leader is absent as well. Hired to not only find the missing Khonnir Baine but determine the reason why the flames went out, the PCs have a monumental task ahead of them, and plenty of mysteries typical and atypical to solve!

In addition to this adventure for 1st-level characters, “Fires of Creation” contains new items such as the Inferno Pistol, Neraplast Armor, and Vitality Serum (just to start). A gazetteer on the town of Torch provides helpful details for GMs starting their campaign, noting important citizens like Councilor Dolga Feddert and locations like Silverdisk Hall and the Temple of Brigh. The “Ecology of the Android” gives more information on this new character race and Amber Scott’s “Whispers in the Wastelands” Pathfinder Journal begins the tale of Sidek. Finally, the bestiary gives new alien animals like the petromin and sorico, foes like the collector robot, ghelarn, and tsaalgrend!

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