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Now TV Box Review


Jun 12, 2014 #BBC, #movies, #now tv, #Sky

Now-TV-BoxHere at Geeklore we were pretty excited when we were able to get our hands on the New Now TV box. All you need to run this little beauty is a HDMI equipped TV and an internet connection. For just £9.99 you get a great service from this little white plastic box. The Now TV service offers three packages – Sports, Entertainment and Movies. All of which come with a monthly fee, but without a contract meaning you can cancel at any time.

Upon receiving the little white box, I was surprised at how small it was and thought how easy it would be to hide… It’s a girl thing. It came with clear instructions, the Now TV box itself, a HDMI cable and a little remote. It is a cute little white and black box that fits into the palm of your hand, with a rubber base meaning it stays where you put it.

Set Up
Setting up the box is fairly simple. It has integrated Wi-Fi, so you will need to enter your router’s security key and hook the box up to your Now TV account. You don’t have to subscribe to get access to some of the functionalities this little box has to offer such as the apps and catch up services.

I followed the instructions, hooked up the cable, got a picture on the screen and then… not much happened. We hit a wall. There are a few teething problems it seems when it comes to connecting the Now TV Box to Virgin’s super hub, fortunately my a bit more techy than me other half was able to rectify the problem. After a little research on the web, we were on our way.

Movies, Movies, Movies
I was so excited flicking through all the movie titles, and was pleased to see that the NEW IN section was clearly labelled, something that similar services do not provide. The movies are divided into several different genres and sub genres, meaning that perusing the type of title you want is simple. There are weekly movies added and quite a few brand new titles. In the movies there are also ‘specials’ for new up and coming movies.

Being a massive movie buff, it was great to see not just brand new titles but some old favourites too, I got particularly excited about Romancing the Stone, I know, I know, I’m a sucker for a chick-flick-rom-com. I love the LIVE function, being able to watch Sky Movies et al live without having a subscription to Sky, a great selling point for this little box. My only complaint with the Now TV Box is there is no search function, sure you can flick through the genres and sub genres but sometimes you know exactly what you want to watch and want to go straight to it, without having to remember where on Earth you saw it, and which category it came under. I enjoyed that the live function offers you the chance to see the movie from where it is live or gives you the choice to view it from the start, which obviously takes you away from the live function, but is very handy when you have missed the start of one of your favourite movies! The service is by no means perfect and will buffer from time to time especially during high usage times, but if you have an excellent Wi-Fi connection this happens less frequently.
Other Functions

The Now TV Box also lets you catch up on shows you have missed with BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and 4oD apps that you can download plus many others, meaning you won’t miss out on any of your favourite shows. You can also stay up-to-date with Sky News and BBC News. This little white box also allows you to add awesome apps like Facebook, Spotify and Flickr, and they’re already loaded onto your box, so you’re ready to go.

All in all this little box is great if you’re a movie buff like me, or a sports fan or indeed you love the shows that Sky has to offer. It is extremely cheap, and easy to use.


By Jen

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