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Death Sentence #1

Death_Sentence_01_Cover_web.jpg.size-600What would you do with superpowers – and six months to live?

That’s the dilemma facing three people who’ve contracted the G+ Virus, an infectious agent that gives you incredible
powers… before it kills you.

What will struggling graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist Weasel and roguish media personality Monty do in
the time that remains? Fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory?

From the streets of London to the North Atlantic, from intimate betrayals to the death of thousands, from muses lost
and futures thrown away to the fall of society… Death Sentence is the jaw-dropping next step in super-powered

Funny, fearless and frightening, packed with shocks, dialogue you can’t stop quoting, and the character finds of a
generation – don’t miss this unforgettable comics debut!

“A b ri ll ia n tly o ri g in a l con ce p t.” – N e w sa ra m a

“A st ri ki n g n ew voi ce i n th e s up e rh e ro ge n re . ” – C o mi c Bo o k Re s ou r ce s

“A sm a rt, r a w a nd re le va nt s p in on th e s u pe r he r o g en r e. ” – M TV G ee k

“L ik e o n ly th e be s t p a rts of W a tch me n—a soc ial ana lysis that e xc ee d s the me d iu m of co mi cs , e a s il y

th e e qu a l of Do s toy evs k y o r D ick e ns ” – PopMatters

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