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A Hundred Black Coffins for a Hundred Bad Men!

PZO9080New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

The world of the living and the dead clash in the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume!

Some doors are better left closed, but in Pathfinder Adventure Path #80: “Empty Graves”, they’ve been kicked wide open! The city of Wati, known for its enormous necropolis, is awash with priceless relics from the recently opened tombs, and the PCs are invited to attend an auction so that they may receive a premium for their finds. But while it isn’t Hell breaking loose in the Half-Dead City, something else stirs to an unholy life. The dead walk, and they look upon the living with jealousy–and hunger. Citizens face their departed ancestors clothed in rotting flesh, and the PCs are called upon to find the cause of the uprising in Wati’s necropolis, or join the ranks of the undead!

In addition to this adventure for 4th-level characters, “Empty Graves” also contains a double-sized article on the gods of ancient Osirion, rarely honored in present day Osirion, but no less powerful. Anubis, Bastet, Maat, Nephthys, Ra, Sekhmet, and Thoth are among those represented, with their domains, favored weapons, and common practices of their clergy explained in better detail. Amber Scott continues the second part of “Shadow of the Sands” in the Pathfinder Journal fiction entry, wherein our protagonist spends a night in a family tomb, and game masters will get five new creatures to command, such as the esobok psychopomp and sunbaked zombie template, not to mention five treasures of the Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path!

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