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ITCAME_Cover01_web.jpg.size-800IT Came! is an amazing graphic novel that will have you laughing with every page turn, Dan Boultwood (Esq.) has got something very special here. The whole look and feel of IT CAME! is unique. The sense of the British stiff upper lip you get from reading this is amazing; in fact the whole graphic novel is a snapshot from the 1950’s. It is simply great and with the added fun of aliens. We must not forget the amazing 2D bifocal vision IT CAME! is presented in. You’re in for a great read.

The Characters that you will follow on this adventure are the dashing Doctor Boy Brett, who is a pipe smoking Scientist of space, don’t you know? He is somewhat of a Ladies man, and then we have his sexy Sidekick, Doris Night, who seems to be the balance to Dr. Boy Brett. She also seems to be the butt of his jokes and witty repartee’s, all done in the best possible taste, of course! There is also the feeling of them being an old married couple, as they seem to have this banter between them, where she will give him ideas, but as she is the woman, he will not listen. He knows best, and she is usually right. This really adds to the chemistry between them and makes for some brilliant comedy moments. We mustn’t forget however, that this is set in the 1950’s and there for we need a screaming damsel in distress, who gets into trouble at the drop of a hat, and we are not let down at all.

The look and feel of IT CAME! is outstanding. You really get the feeling that you’re holding something from the 1950’s in your hand, but done in a really pulp sci-fi kind of way. The art work really compliments the story. It’s so crisp, clean and detailed. It really was joy to look at. As you turn the first few pages, you find yourself looking at, what seem to be trailers/Adverts, which set the tone brilliantly for the main story itself.

This is a must read for anyone, and the ending will not let you down at all! It was an amazing read from cover to cover, and I’m looking forward to the next instalment, which I’m hoping will be soon!

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