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Darkest Hours” Concludes in the Special Super-Sized SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25!

This January, the Superior Spider-Man reaches his landmark 25th issue – but will it be his last?! From all-star creators Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Humberto Ramos comes the shocking conclusion of Darkest Hours! For years, the symbiote has tried to return to its original host – and now it finally has! Peter Parker was strong enough to overcome the symbiote’s dark grasp – but is Otto Octavius? The Superior Spider-Man is no more. There is only…the Superior Venom!!

“The creative team of Slott, Gage, Ramos, Olazaba, and Delgado has been knocking each and every one of these issues out of the park with their particular brand of action and humanity that you really can’t find anywhere else,” says Editor Ellie Pyle. “But this issue has surprises we haven’t even hinted at!”

It’s all been leading to this! As the Superior Venom battles the Avengers – the Goblin King’s final pieces fall into place. And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit in the upcoming Goblin Nation arc! Not everyone will make it to issue #26. You cannot afford to miss the utterly shocking SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25!


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