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Sasquatch Game Studios


May 29, 2013

Here at Geeklore we are lucky enough to have gotten a chance to chat to the newly formed company Sasquatch Game Studios, Who are in the process of putting together a great new adventure for Pathfinder and D&D they are describing it as Conan meets Cthulhu. I for one am already looking forward to this game, here is what they had to say.

Geeklore: Who are you guys?

SGS: In brief, we’re three experienced D&D designers keen to create hobby games on
our own terms. We don’t need to capture a huge swath of the gamer market—just to
deliver a great table experience for gamers who want something different.

Geeklore: What are you making?

SGS: Our first product is Primeval Thule, a campaign setting for Pathfinder/D&D
best described as “Conan vs. Cthulhu.” More broadly, we make high-end hobby game
products for discerning, experienced gamers.

Geeklore: Why now?

SGS: Two factors. First, it’s easier than ever before to get a great game product
into gamers’ hands without diluting and delaying it every step of the way.
Second, the gamer community has sophisticated tastes and the ability to express
those tastes directly to creators. Making cool game stuff is no easy task, but
it’s doable in ways that weren’t possible five, ten, or twenty years ago.

Geeklore: Digital or print products?

SGS: It depends on the product. Our first product will be available in both print
and digital formats (there’s a great old-school feeling when you open a print
campaign setting for the first time). We’re not averse to digital-only or
print-only products if it makes sense, though, and that’s something we’re
gathering feedback from gamers about.

Geeklore: Which version of D&D do you prefer?

SGS: We’ve written professionally for 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, and
Pathfinder, with work for D&D Next in the pipeline. Asking us which we favor is
like asking us which child we love the most. Our first product will be for
Pathfinder and 4th edition D&D, because that’s what most people are playing
right now, but if the numbers support it and we can make the licensing work,
we’d love to leave Sasquatch-size footprints on other “flavors” of D&D, too.

Geeklore: What about other RPG systems?

SGS: Very much on our radar. David in particular is keen to adapt Thule for other
systems such as FATE and Dungeon World. But right now we’re focused on our first
product and making it as great as possible.

Geeklore: What about other sorts of hobby games?

SGS: Also in our plans. Rich gets wild-eyed when we talk about our schemes for
wargames, for example. But again, right now we’re focused on our great first

Geeklore: What about Sasquatch-designed jetpacks and hovercars?

SGS: That’s just crazy talk. How’d you get in here?