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The Five Stones – OUT NOW

Five Stones CoverHere are a few words from  our very own David Stonehouse who`s book has just made it to the Amazon Kindle store.

I’m really pleased that The Five Stones is finally available for people to buy. The story has been really well supported by readers on my blog, on Geeklore and on writers’ sites such as Authonomy.

The basic premise is pretty straightforward:

Araminta Brown has got issues. Her mother has just died, and her dad has decided to move house so they can be closer to her nan. Settling into her new school is proving tricky, and her new best friend is being bullied.
That would be enough for most people. But Araminta Brown is different to other girls. She has dreams and nightmares that cross over into the real world, her nan could very well be a witch, and there’s something nasty out there in the darkness that gets its kicks by stealing babies.

Time is running out.

Only Araminta Brown can help her friend, solve the mystery of the Five Stones, and get the missing babies back. If only she had the first idea what was going on…
The Five Stones is Araminta Brown’s first adventure. Like all good adventure stories The Five Stones is by turns exciting, funny and romantic, but also grounded in real relationships, friendships and emotions. It will make you breathless, and make you smile, but it will tug at your head and your heart as well.

Araminta Brown will appeal to any fan of Young Adult fantasy literature such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Twilight, or anyone who enjoys TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fringe and The Vampire Diaries.
Araminta Brown’s second adventure, The Perfect Gentleman, will be available on kindle very soon.

I hope you enjoy reading her stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

What readers have said about The Five Stones:

‘I really loved reading your stories and think they are very imaginative.’
‘It is excellently and very cleverly written, the description and detail (particularly during the tea and biscuits with the grandma) really made me want to actually be there in the story’
‘Brilliant story-kept me interested all the way through. I started the second book immediately after finishing the first. Can’t wait to see how it pans out.’
‘Fabulous – I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read the sequel and the others’
‘Loved The Five Stones- feeling a little guilty, as though I have stepped into the world of a 15 year old – a bit like reading someone else’s diary- so glad I did.’