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The Great Showdowns


Author: Scott C
Review by: CrazyIvanuk
Publisher: TitanBooks
Cost £6.99

The Great Showdowns By Scott C, is a great look into some of the great showdowns from films such as Terminator, The Matrix, Aliens and many many more. It’s such a fun book to look through. The Author Scott C has such a distinctive art style, they’re more like sketches that you would do to plan out your picture. It’s very clever and the foreword by Neil Patrick Harris says it all really “its smart, its simple, its hilarious”, and I have to agree it’s one of those books that you pick up and flick through the pages, laughing, and share it with whoever is closest.

Scott Campbell himself is a very popular artist and you can find his art work all over the place, such as one of my favourite Computer games; Psychonauts. He also has many other art projects under his belt from children’s books to comics and much more. The Great Showdowns book came into being from Scott Campbell’s website Here you can see even more of his work, and it is simply brilliant.

The Great Showdowns is very much a coffee table book. It’s great to have on show when you have people round for them to flick through and can set off great film chats when someone finds their favourite film, or even guess the film as a coffee table game.

Overall The Great Showdowns is a great book a “Why didn’t I think of that?!” style of book. Because, in its basic form, it is a book with simple drawings of the bad guys and the good guys facing off to each other in their iconic fights, from films of all ages. For me, however, it is more than that, it made me recall some great memories from films I have not seen for many years. Splendid!

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