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Short of ideas for Christmas?

Fear not, there’s loads of brand new Geek stocking fillers out right now!

There are a few sci-fi goodies worth a look.
Ridley Scott’s Prometheus got a mixed reception on release but if you can get past the fact that it isn’t the Alien rerun some people were hoping for you’ll find a visually striking and thought provoking movie that is a lot better than some initial reviews suggested. You should be able to get the DVD for under £10 and Blu Ray under £15.

£10 will also get you Red Dwarf X which, despite very low expectations, turned out to be a very welcome return to form. If it didn’t quite recapture the glory days it was a lot of fun and got a lot closer than anything from series VII, VIII or Back to Earth.

In other TV Fringe’s mind-bending season 4 will set you back about £25 if you shop around and the first half of Doctor Who series 7 is a lot of fun for £15.

If superhero action is more your thing you should be in hog heaven! Record smashing box office juggernaut Avengers Assemble is a safe bet but if you haven’t been collecting them already you can get the Avengers Assemble Movie Collection for around £30. This includes Avengers Assemble along with The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor and Captain America all in one bargain box.

Superhero fans who like things a bit darker won’t be disappointed with Chris Nolan’s excellent The Dark Knight Rises which is a reasonable price on its own but you should be able to pick up the whole Dark Knight trilogy for about £20 if you want the full set.

The Amazing Spiderman is also out. It’s a bit of a lacklustre reboot to be honest, looking a bit weak compared to Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy (which you can get for about a tenner!) and it really doesn’t stand up too well compared to the Avengers and Batman. But, hey ho, if you love it it’s out there so snap it up.


Over to fantasy and season one of Game of Thrones for £20-ish is probably the best bargain. If you like the show and fancy reading the novels the complete box set of George R R Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice books so far is a snip at £30 for nearly 6,000 pages of top notch fantasy literature. The lovely looking tie-in book Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones has a cover price of £25 but a lot of retailers are running offers that mean you can get it for half that.

With The Hobbit about to hit cinemas you can get some great deals on Lord of the Rings box sets. Standard edition DVDs are out there for as little as £10 with the extended versions for under £20. Blu Ray versions are a bit more expensive but you should have to pay more than £35 for the extended editions. Ralph Bakshi’s quirky rotoscope animated attempt is back out on DVD for under a fiver. The ambition was greater than the end result but it’s still worth a look.

Finally, if you like your bargain basement monster movies there’s a lot of fun to be had from the four film Resident Evil Box which is under a tenner for DVD or Blu-Ray. The first film is the only one that can claim to be anywhere near decent but for that price this set is a hell of a lot of guilty fun. Marginally higher up the quality ladder is the Underworld box which you should be able to get on DVD or Blu-Ray for under £20. It’s another four film collection, this time for fans of vampires, werewolves and Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight leather. All four films are much more about style than substance but they are good fun and look very pretty.

That should help fill up your Christmas lists. Happy shopping! Prices quoted are the best offered from range of retailers. Shop around – you may be able to do even better.