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Centennial Celebration Tazrzan The Stories The Movies The Art

Author:  Michael Boccacino
Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £15.00
Review by: Dean Jennings

Tarzan, for me anyway, is an icon and as I was growing up I remember watching the black and white TV show. For a small child watching a man swing from tree to tree and live with the animals in the jungle was amazing, just thinking about it made my mind race as a child, and imaging what it would be like for me to be Tarzan. So when The Centennial Celebration Tarzan: The Stories, The Movies, The Art landed on my desk it took me back to my childhood remembering, pretending to be Tarzan. Now all grown up and looking at Tarzan through adults eyes, things have not changed.

The book itself is truly a work of art and it covers it all.  It’s just amazing how long Tarzan has been around, and there are people, like myself, who still find it interesting to read about the Lord Of The Jungle. Tarzan: The Stories, The Movies, The Art from publishers Titan Books, is a 320 page look at a historic icon who was raised in the jungle by apes, and then had adventures that spand over 100 years. The book itself is a big hard back book with a picture of Tarzan on the front cover fighting for his life against a lion.

Opening the book you have an introduction written by Ron Ely who once played Tarzan himself.  After that you then start the journey in to Tarzan’s world. After working your way through the book you really can see why Tarzan has lasted this long, with the amount of adventures this guy has had, and also finding time to find a wife and have kids he could show the modern dad a thing or two. The list of bad guys Tarzan has been pit against is crazy, it goes from Arabs to Amazonian women to Sharks and we should not forget the dinosaurs and many others. Also in the book you will find out about his animal friends and, one of my favourites, Tantor his elephant friend.

The art work in the book is simply outstanding there are so many pictures and drawings and comic strips, it’s incredible and you really understand why this iconic figure is still with us. Also what I found very interesting is the different looks Tarzan has gone through over the years, it really is incredible to see how many different styles he has had. From the good looking blond in a loincloth to the more savage barbarian look, he has has them all.

Overall this is an amazing book and if you have any interest in Tarzan then you should buy it as it’s everything you will ever need. For me however, it’s one of those books that is great to own, as Tarzan is one of those heroes of mine, and if people see it on your bookshelf I bet they will pull it out and say I remember watching this on TV with my family, I totally forgot about him and they will not put it down.