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Author: Alan Martin and Mike McMahon
Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £14.99
Review by: Nicky White

Tank Girl Carioca is written by Alan martin who is the co creator of Tank Girl with artwork from Mike McMahon who previously did work for 2000AD with the ground breaking series for Slaine and ABC warriors.

As I don’t want to spoil the story to much I will just give you a brief overview of it.

The story begins with Tank girl and her marsupial boyfriend Booga in the audience of Quiz Bingo, a game show hosted by a corrupt t.v presenter called Charlie Happy, after much heckling from them and to keep them quite the producers select them to be contestants on the show with the top prize of his and hers mountain bikes.Tank girl is very excited about the top prize and is incredibly confident that they will win. Charlie Happy takes an instant dislike to Tank girl and decides to cheat them out of the top prize, much to tank girls annoyance. Following the show a very unhappy Tank Girl and Booga decide to drown there sorrows in there favourite club the carioca whilst getting incredibly drunk they plot and scheme Charlie Happy’s demise coming to the conclusion that Charlie Happy must die! After giving her team a call they all assemble to draw up the plans to kill Charlie. There’s some great comedy moments in the story backed up McMahon’s artwork detailing the gruesome and bloody fight scenes.Lets just say Charlie gets his comeuppance.

Having read previous Tank Girl graphic novels this one is very different in the way it is written and the artwork used to illustrate it. At first I wasn’t all that taken by the artwork but must admit its grown on me the further into the book I got. It is most definitely a very different take on how Tank Girl and the main characters are drawn and look but it does fit quite nicely with the story. As with previous Tank girls story’s there are several fights some of which are very amusing if not a little odd its not every day you read about a skateboarding kangaroo wielding samurai swords!.

There is also alot of smoking, drinking and swearing as you would come to expect from Tank Girl and her crew with plenty of guns and swords for the action. I must admit I was pleased with the way the story panned out with our heroine kicking the ass of the people who cheated her and Booga out of their prize. Don’t be put off if you are a fan of the glossier looking tank girl I would suggest you gave this a try you may enjoy it.
This book will along with many of the other Tank Girl novels, I’m sure will be a classic and well loved by old fans and new ones alike. Its not a bad reinvention of a classic character.

I am sure that McMahon and martin will work together again and produce more books that will challenge how we look at our favorite characters. So I would suggest that before you buy this book if you have read previous Tank Girls try not to compare them treat this book on its own merits as it is a break away from the more highly polished artwork but it does work. Give it a go and see for yourselves

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