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Silhouettes From Popular Culture

Silhouettes from Popular Culture, Olly Moss, 26 October 2012,
Titan Books £12.99 and a (c) to Olly Moss

Silhouettes from Popular Culture, from the mind of Olly Moss and published by Titan Books; is a great look at the 1800’s style of art but with a modern twist. Olly Moss is a well known artist, and if you look at his back catalog you get the impression that Olly Moss is a big gaming fan as well.

When you look at the book it feels so classy.  There is just something about silhouettes that really seem to give you that elegant feel, which is what you get from this book.  The fonts used on the cover complement the genre and to finish them off they are gold embossed combined with a lovely female silhouette in the center. Opening the book you will notice that yet again there is a salute to the genre as all the text is printed on, off white paper which really gives you that Victorian feel. Then once you have finished reading the intro you will be greeted to the silhouetes of Mario and Luigi, and from that point on I knew this was going to be a great book to flick through. One thing this book will bring to the table, is a fun guessing game.  As you flick through the book, some will simply jump out at you but others will take some time to pick up and before long you will have your whole family around you shouting over your shoulder telling you what they are before you even get a chance to say anything.

If you’re into anything geeky then this is a great book to have, as you will see things from geek culture which will bring a smile to your face, as you notice one of your favourite geeky culture icons which is what I did when I came across Jay and Silent Bob (little spoiler there sorry). But this is really a great coffee table book to have. It’d be a great stocking filler. It’s one of those books that people will see when they come round and take alook, then start smiling and telling you what’s inside it. It’s a must buy for all you geek fans out there and artists too.

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