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Publisher: TitanBooks
Authors: Roger Gibson and Vince Danks
Review By:  C Ivan
Price £14.99

Harker: The Book Of Solomon, from Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, is an amazing graphic novel based in London. If you have seen any of the old detective TV shows, such as Inspector Morse or A Touch Of Frost, then you already have a good idea what sort of style the graphic novel is written in.

Harker: The Book Of Solomon, sees us following a detective duo, DCI Harker and Dt. Critchley. The relationship between these two is great, you have Critchley who is always on the look out for the next piece of skirt. He’s a very impulsive detective and is always looking at what’s happening in the small picture. To complement him there is DCI Harker, who is very much your inspector Morse type of character. He sees the bigger picture, and is constantly pulling Critchley back. It really is a great duo and they bounce off each other so well. The banter between them flows brilliantly and you sometimes forget you’re reading a graphic novel and not watching a TV show.

The story line is a very well put together who-done-it affair, with the detectives going from place to place slowly putting together the pieces of the last few hours. A victim has been found on the steps of a church in London, from then on the story line twists and turns until it reaches its conclusion, which I have to say left me wanting more from this great British duo.

The graphic style in Harker: The Book Of Solomon is very well done, all the cells are very well drawn and the cells are well framed. The cover art work is also outstanding, it really portrays what the story inside is about. Vince Danks really captures London in his black and white images. I was taken aback by how much detail was used in the images.

Harker: The Book Of Solomon is by no means a child friendly graphic novel, it contains images of post-mortems and many other adult topics. But it is all done very well and is only used when the story deems it necessary, which is very refreshing.

Overall Harker: The Book Of Solomon is a great read and it really harks back to the good old detective TV shows from years past. A great read and a must buy for anyone who is interested in detective stories, and even if you’re not it’s still worth picking yourself up a copy and giving it a go.

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