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Publisher: Penguin UK  £11.20
Reviewed by: Martyn Elwell
Author:  G.W. Dahlquist

I was quite excited to read this book. It is written by an author I know very little about so I was exploring new territory. Almost immediately I was entranced by the style of writing. It harkens back to a more refined, purer age that flowed with etiquette and good manners. I was particularly taken by the titles of some of the characters; Miss Temple, Mr Phelps, Doctor Svenson. The manner in which they are portrayed emphasizes a high degree of civility and public (and private) courtesy. I was really impressed with this subtle and yet effective way in which the author has woven in the careful and measured way in which they interact with each other.

Sadly though, and this is not a fault with the author whatsoever, I couldn’t progress much further into the book than I had hoped for. One factor that kept greeting me was the fact that this is book three of The Dream Eaters series. I’m sure the book could be read individually, but I couldn’t see that sadly. I was ever aware that there were events that had occurred which I was not privy too, and this spoiled the book for me unfortunately. However, I am actively hunting for the previous two tomes, and I cannot wait to immerse myself into the rich tapestry that the author has woven in regard to this novel and the series.

By Mart

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