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Review by: Dean Jennings
Author: Samit Basu
Publisher: Titanbooks – £7.99

Turbulence by author Samit Basu, is a superhero story with a bit of a difference. It is set in India, and the superheroes in this story are rather unconventionally powered, and nothing like the workings of any popular super heroes of today, but they are still great fun. As we all know in the Superhero Universe there are superheroes all around the world, but we have never really seen any of them, other than the ones from America. So Turbulence was a refreshing and welcome change.

The book starts with us following a dialogue between two parents and their son who is being dangled over the side of the Eiffel tower by his father. We soon find out that the son is one of the characters in the story, Vir, who gets the power of flight. As the story continues we begin to piece together how the characters we meet get their powers. It all started with a flight BA 142 from London. It seemed to me to, take inspiration from already known plot lines, as I felt it veered slightly toward the Fantastic Four angle, as all the people that were on the flight all suffered dreams and those dreams manifested as powers. We then start to find out about other people with powers, and how a group in India have been tracking down people who were on that flight to see if they have super powers, and if they want to join their group in a sort of Justice League/Xmen type of way. One of the biggest things, for me anyway, when I’m reading a book is characterisation and how real they are, and in Samit Basu’s case he made some of the best characters I have read about, or at least the most entertaining, I think that is down to the powers he gave them. One of my most favourite characters is Aman, the Professor X of the group. His power is to control networks and the flow of data and manipulate it if needs be. Aman really comes out with some great dialogue and you also get to understand what he is fighting for, a great character in my eyes. I do have to mention Samit Basu’s ingenuity when providing characters with super powers. Anyone who can think of a guy controlling the weather with his stomach is alright by me!

The language used in the book is very modern with references to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it just felt like it was very much a book of today, which could also be said about how Samit Basu writes. At some points in the book, it can be very erratic I found myself many times re-reading a few paragraphs to see if I had understood it correctly. This is not helped by the pacing of the book, every page you turn something happens and drives you on to the next page, which is brilliant but it can leave you thinking.. ‘Wait, what just happened?!’ I have never read a book that carried so much unpredictability, so many things happen in such a few pages, it’s crazy, in a good keeping you on your toes and concentrating kind of way.

Overall Turbulence is a fun book. If you are fed up with all the superhero stuff that is out there at the moment, pick up a copy of this and give it ago, you won’t be disappointed, at all, with the outcome. I shall be keeping my eye out for a sequel and if it’s as good as this, then I shall be picking that up for sure.

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