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John G. Hemry’s: Against All Enemies

Writer: John G. Hemry
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Dean Jennings.

John G. Hemry’s last book; Against All Enemies, is an amazing book to finish off the Jag in Space series. John G. Hemry is simply a master of the sub-genre; military courtroom drama. When I first started to read this series, I was very uncertain on what to expect. I have read loads of John G. Hemry’s/Jack Campbell’s books and I very much enjoyed the Stark’s War trilogy. But I am going to have to say that the Jag In space series, for me anyway, is outstanding!

Jag In Space: Against All Enemies is outstanding. We have come full circle, Paul Sinclair has come to the end of his tour, but there is one last job for him to do, which will see him spying on most of his crew as the enemy, this time, is internal. I found this to be a great change in pace and a very different direction for Paul Sinclair to go in, which was basically undercover.

The Merry Mike is sent along with other ships to an asteroid, which has been settled on by free loaders who are threatening to use large engines to change the direction of the asteroid, and put it on a collision course with Earth. So as a united force all of the powers come together to stop this from happening. But with all these nations together in their battle ships, tension runs high, and things soon get out of hand, leaving the Merry Mike and her crew to sit by and do nothing as the ASAAL Ships bombard the asteroid from orbit. During this the Merry Mike’s Captain tries to find a loophole in his orders to let him do something, which he does, and moves the Merry Mike and puts it in the middle of the of the ASAAL Ships and the asteroid, but strangely they stop fire, being careful not to hit the Merry Mike.

Shortly after the incident, the Merry Mike sets a course for Franklin Station where Paul gets caught up in a NCIS investigation to track down the person who is involved in the espionage. The Captain asks Paul to become part of the investigation, which he does without question. Once they find the person in question, the story moves to the court room where the person is charged with espionage. It is also a time for a family reunion as Paul’s brother is the Defence Counsel, which is a shock to Paul. His parents are also there. While all this going on, Paul has had his orders modified for his next assignment which he is not happy with at all, and events unfold. Jen Shen gets involved and suspects that her father has hand a hand in getting Paul’s orders changed, which will see him taken out of Jen’s life for about 4 years. Needless to say that Paul is very angry at this as he was hoping to be stationed on Franklin Station, but this setback does not stop them doing what they wanted to do.

I really did enjoy how John G. Hemry slowly brought all this to an end, but still left it so open we could see a return of Paul Sinclair and many other people.

Overall this was an utterly brilliant book to finish on. I really did enjoy this, and did not want it to finish and was left with a void once I had finished it. John G. Hemry’s characterisation is outstanding, I really feel like I have been left with lots of great memoires, like I have just come out of the cinema or watching a great TV show. It’s still great to believe that books can still do this in this day and age. A must have collection for any sci-fi fan, and even if you’re not it’s a great collection to have. I really will remember this series of books and will probably give them a re-read!!

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