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Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Graham Nolan
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Dean Jennings.

Batman Versus Bane from publishers Titan Books, is one of DC’s story-lines that everyone knows about and some of us enjoyed seeing Batman getting his back broken or if you’re like me, you kind of feel bad for the Bat, but nevertheless it makes for an amazing story and an amazing read. Chuck Dixon has done just that and at the start of the graphic novel we are treated to how Bane was born which is one of blood and anger this is done very well and kind of makes to feel sorry for how Bane is treated. You also get to see how Bane goes from child to boy and then from boy to man in a very impressive way. Looking how Bane grew up you kind of understand how he became what he is, as he spends all of his childhood life in prison paying for his father’s crimes. He spends almost 10 years in a small cell with no one else around him and the warden of the prison hoping to never see him again. All that time alone created Bane, he had time to think and become mentally ready. Focusing his anger, plotting and planning for that one day when he would come face to face with Batman.

The art style in Batman versus Bane is very well done and we give credit to Graham Nolan for this as his art direction is outstanding, you get a great sense of the places such as the prison Bane and his mother start in. Each location is drawn and coloured so well really giving you that great graphic novel feel, as many I have read before do. It doesn’t stop there. The cover looks great with Bane standing in the middle of a few dead bodies and the silhouette of Batman’s head behind him.

Overall Batman Versus Bane is one of those Graphic novels that is a must for any Batman or Bane fan-boy and it’s also one of those story-lines that has gone down in history. If you’re not an avid comic fan, but enjoying reading about Batman or Bane this is a storyline you would be crazy to miss. Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan really hit the mark with this Graphic novel. It is most definitely a must have.

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