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I have experienced a series of firsts over the last few months, reviewing a graphic novel is now one of them. Before I continue with the review of this novel, I would like to explain to you my love of comics and superheroes. As a child I would look forward to Saturday. That was the day I got my pocket money and would happily go to the local newsagent and pick up my comics. I fondly remember collecting them and reading them, and then reading them again. And again, I was sort of an obsessive. Then there were the cartoons! I could go on and on, but dear reader I will stop for your comfort.
So back to the review.

I was recently asked if I wanted to review a graphic novel about gay superheroes. I immediately jumped at the chance (I have my reasons). I am extremely glad that I did. So a little history for you regarding the graphic novel, before the above graphic novel was released Martin Eden used his website to host the O Men, an online comic. It introduced the characters and set the philosophy for the comic. It has seen a cult following and following from that success it was sheer genius for the graphic novel to follow.
The graphic novel itself takes a sampling of the stories from the website (those stories are no longer there), but they have been chosen to give the reader a quick and accessible introduction to the characters and storyline. The storyline is very well presented and there is a level of continuity which was surprising and welcome. The characters are all presented as true individuals, and though some of the superpowers were a tad confusing (I’m looking at you Violet), they work really well for this story line. Martin Eden has worked some magic in weaving a funny, enlightening and entertaining tale that still evokes pathos.

The story itself revolves around a group of LGBT superheroes as they save the earth from, amongst other things, a giant lesbian, pink ninjas and the terrifying final enemy (which I shall leave as a surprise, but is REALLY creepy), all this interwoven with the expected infighting within the team itself and the ominous threat of a potential betrayal. I especially enjoyed how the personalities were drawn and expressed to us readers, often without the use of words to guide us. In essence I loved this book, it has superheroes. It has Super villains. The plot is complex and enjoyable. If I was to say one negative comment about this book it would be that it is too short, I had read it in less than two hours. But as you know by now, I reread it. And then read it again!
I would like to mention the final page too, it was a really moving and empowering paragraph that inspired me greatly.
So, if you like superheroes, a good laugh and an unusual cast, get this graphic novel.

By Mart

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