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Jag In Space: Rule of Evidence

Writer: John G. Hemry
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Dean Jennings.

So here I am again with yet another Jag In Space Book, this one is called Rule of Evidence By author John G. Hemry. From the start, this book has a different feel to it, a hardened edge to it if you will. You get the feel that maybe John G. Hemry wanted to take it up a notch with this storyline and I have to say he totally did, with style.

We are treated to the same cast and crew we have come to like so much, such as the Lieutenant Junior Paul Sinclair, Lieutenant Junior Grade Jen Shen, and a few others. We are also treated a new crew member, who goes well into the mix. It’s good to see how things are going aboard the Merry Mike and how the crew are growing. I liked how some of the background characters are starting to make it more into the foreground and are beginning to get more than just a few lines of text. We also get to see Paul’s family who turn up at the wrong time, as Jen is in the brig, and Paul’s fighting for her life.

The storyline for Rule Of Evidence picks up about a year or so after Burden of Proof and is quick to throw you into the action. When I picked up this book I was expecting another Ship goes out, something happens on board, and Paul steps in to investigate, like in the past books. But not this time, Oh no. The USS Michaelson is ordered to take part in manoeuvres with the USS Maury to help push back the Asian Alliance. However, all this is brought to a standstill when the USS Maury has a catastrophic explosion ripping a great big hole in her. At this point I almost dropped my book, the story is amazing it does not stop at all. It’s like a locomotive and just keeps gaining speed. For me, this is one of the best Jag In Space books so far. From this point we see Paul and Jen’s relationship put through is paces. She becomes a prime suspect in the investigation into why the USS Maury had a catastrophic system failure, which in turn caused the explosion.

I have no Idea if John G. Hemry had any experience while he was in the Navy, but he really seems to capture how it must be for people who marry other officers. You will not stop turning the pages of this book, as I found out a few nights when I turned to look at the clock and saw 3am! Which, in itself is a sign of a great book.

Overall Rule of Evidence is a great book. If you have been enjoying this selection of books like myself you know what I’m talking about. John G. Hemry is just nailing book after book and if you’re a sci-fi fan, like myself, then you need to read the Jag In Space Collection. It’s just simply outstanding and a real joy to read. And even if you are not a sci-fi fan, but looking for a collection of books that are character driven, then you really can not go wrong at all with these books!

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