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Writer: John G. Hemry
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Dean Jennings.

Jag In Space: Burden Of Proof written by John G. Hemry is yet another book in the Jag In Space saga. I have to say that I’m really into this universe that John G. Hemry is creating. The format for the story is the same as the last book, and I really didn’t mind, as we get to follow the crew of the Merry Mike as they once again set sail for an adventure. Once again John G. Hemry does not disappoint.

We pick up the story 6 months after Just Determination, and Paul Sinclair’s tour is well under-way. We are still following the crew of the Michaelson or the Merry Mike as the crew have named her. The Crew have been given new orders to test fire a new laser that the geeks back at home have come up with. This for me kind of spelled the end because I thought I knew where the storyline was going, boy was I wrong! The Merry Mike also sees some new crew come aboard which is nice and done very well in the book, you’re given enough history so the character fits in right away and not overpowered with chapters with what they have done before coming to the Merry Mike. We also see a member of the old crew come to the end of their tour and again John G. Hemry really knows how to bring to life his characters, which really helps when the crew change happens.

Once the Merry Mike gets under-way to the target area where they are going to test fire, some interesting people turn up they appear to be some kind of freedom fighters who make it very difficult for the test firing to go ahead and the Merry Mike crew find themselves heading back to base with a few more in toe. Once they reach the space station this is when the story starts to pick up speed and while in space dock the Merry Mike’s engineering bay explodes. Once the explosion is under control and the death toll is found out a station investigation is started to try and find out what happened, and who should head this investigation? None other than Mr Shen, Jen’s father which brings a new dynamic to the story which I was not expecting and this mix is made better when Jen also turns up at the station when her ship comes in to dock for a while after taking damage.

Once the investigation is finished a few members of the crew are named and the report itself does not really tell you much about what happened to cause the explosion, except for some faulty equipment. With an unsatisfied Ship’s legal Office and with a bit help from the ship’s Security Officer a new investigation is started in which new evidence is brought to light and this is when the ability of some of the officers are questioned and at this point we move from the ship to the courtroom. Here Paul hands over to a Jag officer to carry out the charges that have been brought up against Officer Silver.

John G. Hemry is a master of military sci-fi in the depths of space, but also in the courtroom, the pace never slows and with this comes the ability in keeping the reader reading and turning those pages which I happily did. Another thing we are following is Paul and Jen’s Navy relationship we see it grow and more important life events are discussed, which is a really nice storyline to run along side the main story and sometimes it’s a welcome diversion. I liked how, when Paul needs some moral guidance we get to see Jen. He leans on her for moral support and she talks him through the problems at hand.

Overall Jag In Space: Burden Of Proof is another top notch military novel and is as strong as the novel before and simply adds to an already great setting. A must for all sci-fi fans and even if you’re not, you should read this series anyway because this is nothing but a good read!

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