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Tough Sh*t By Kevin Smith

Review: Dean Jennings
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So the other day I had ‘Tough Sh*t’ land on my desk, which is a book from Kevin Smith. The sub title reads ‘Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good’. Now if you don’t know who Kevin Smith is, where the hell have you been?! The man is simply a legend. I was first introduced to Kevin Smith’s work with Clerks and for me that was the start of my guy love with Kevin Smith, the film’s he made are simply outstanding, and Tough Sh*t is really a blue print of how he got to where he is today.

As I opened the book and started to read it was not what I was expecting, but looking back now as I write this review maybe I should have. I have never read a book where the Author has thanked his Dad’s balls and more importantly his Dad’s sperm it for life, it was an interesting starter to say the least. As I started to turn the pages of this book, I realised how Kevin started life and it really made you feel like anyone could do the same. You will see with by way the book is written, it’s very positive which makes a welcome change from some of the books I have read recently. Whilst the opening of the book is funny and will make you laugh out loud, that is all put into perspective with the way Kevin Smith writes about the passing of his Dad, it was a very moving part of the book which is one of the memories I will remember about this book the most. Once you get past that you really start to unfold the life of this movie maker/comic book writer/podcast host there are so many different mediums that Kevin Smith is on.

As I continued reading there were so many things that jumped out at me, as even though Mr Smith is a personal Hero of mine, which would probably make him wince knowing that but hey, there were so many things about his life I hadn’t realised. Tough Sh*t is a road map of Kevin Smith’s life. It covers from the start of his film making career, and wanting to make a film with his friends in it, to funding films he made, mostly, by himself on credit cards, which if you think about it, for someone to do that, they have to be one hell of a crazy person or love the art of movie making. It turned out to be the latter, and from that point on Kevin Smith has not looked back. From movies, the book carries on to tell you all about his love of comics, which if you’re a Kevin smith fan comes as no surprise. This guy has some triple A titles under his belt such as; Batman and Daredevil and many, many more. With all this going on he is also a Dad which he seems to love and talk about it all the way through the book, which again is nice to see the other side of him we don’t get chance to see. Just as a side note the language in this book is very much in your face and told with no restraint, the F word flies around along with other words, which from a reader point of view I liked, it gave the book character, and at some points you felt like you should be talking back.

The book also covers the pod-casting empire that he is building, and he goes on to tell you that Pod-casting is a medium that bring everything together that he loves, as it lets him talk about it all and while he’s doing all of this his wife, Jenn, stands by the side of him. His daughter seems to be taking up the banner and is enjoying writing, as you will see in the book, she has written a school report about her dad which he has put in the book, and all I can say is, he seems to be a pretty cool dad.

Overall Tough Sh*t is an amazing book and written in a way which will keep you laughing, and at points move you. If you’re a Kevin Smith Fan then this is a book you should have, and even if you’re not it’s still a great read! Go buy it!

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