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Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Leinil Yu
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Gh0styuk.

Superior is a graphic novel from the writer of Kick-Ass: Mark Millar, and is illustrated by Leinil Yu. The graphic novel seems to be set in today’s timeline. The world is still at war with itself, America still has troops in The East and like today the world needs a hero in any shape or form. I was expecting big things from Superior as Mark Miller has written comics such as Wanted and Kick-Ass, and then you see the name Leinil Yu who illustrated Superior, who has done many many different comics, so needless to say I was excited.

The story begins with the reader following a 12 year old boy called Simon Pooni, he was a normal kid, he enjoyed school and loved to play sports. But all that changed when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which took most of his life away from him. The one thing Simon loved was ‘Superior’. A superhero who looks and feels abit like our Superman, but nevertheless he still is a great hero, he can fly and has super strengh and much much more.

As the story contiunes Simon Pooni finds himself being given a deal that could really change his life for the better. He will basically has 7 days to try out his new life to see if he likes it. Alongside this, unbeknown to him, the same offer was given to one one of Simon’s “enemies”. For me this is where the storyline started to become more intense and it really hit another level. After the 7 days are up and Simon has been living his new life, the entity returns and gives him back his old life which is really not great for Simon. At this point the entity plays his hidden card and sets Simon’s enemy lose on the world. Simon is put in a very bad position, which could effect his very soul if he picks the wrong option. This really is a great twist to the story and it kept me turning the pages until the end of the story where you get to see the final twist and by God is it a big twist.

The graphic style is outstanding, you can tell that Leinil Yu enjoyed illustrating the story, it really came to life as I was turning the pages and I felt the illustrations grew along with the story. The character detail is outstanding, along with the location they all stand out. Along side this is the way the language is used is all very modern and how you would expect to hear people talking today.

Overall Superior is one of the most enjoyable Graphic Novels I have read in a long time. I loved the the feeling as a reader it gave me, which was one of hope and there is always something better out there if you are willing to fight for it. I would make this graphic novel a must. It is one of those stories that you must read and have. Here is hoping there will be more from this storyline.

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