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Jag In Space: A Just Determination

Writer: John G. Hemry
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Dean Jennings.

John G. Hemry books, what can I say?  When I hear that name, I know I will be in for a great treat of a scifi nature, and when it comes to military Scifi Ibelieve he is one of the best, and everyone knows, who follows us here at Geeklore, is that we enjoy our scifi. So you can imagine when I got given anther John G. Hemry book, titled Jag In Space: A Just Determination I was ridiculously excited. Taking time to look at the art work on the cover you are greeted with the standard font and text layout that we see on so many of the John G. Hemry books.

The story starts with us following a new officer who goes by the name of Paul Sinclair, he has just joined the crew of the Michaelson, for a six month voyage, to check and patrol the boarders of the United States Navy. He soon begins to find out what life aboard a star ship is like, but this is only made worse for him when he gets all of his assignments while meeting the XO Commander, she is a stern woman and is 100% navy and as an added bonus makes Sinclair the legal officer for the ship.  John G. Hemry, from this point, really shows you that he knows a thing or two about the navy. The language in the book is outstanding, you really start to think that you are watching a tv show as you’re reading.  The dialogue between all the crew members just feels right.  It’s as if Hemry has followed these people around the ship copying down what they have said. The flow of the book and how the chapters work, really contribute to how the story builds.

The book itself is very well layed out.  The first half of the book is all about the crew and how Paul Sinclair fits into the running of the ship, and soon Sinclair finds his feet and starts to work out which members of the crew he can trust during the voyage of the ship. The mission is cut short when The ship is involved in combat which ends up looking bad for the crew and the Captain of the Michaelson. The Ship is ordered back to base to start a full blown investigation into the events of the combat.

This is when the book takes another turn to a more courtroom drama. Yet again John G. Hemry shows his knowledge of the inner workings of Law, and how it all works in the Navy.  The trial side of the book flows well, the dialogue of the lawyers is a pleasure to read and it really makes for page turning stuff. Throughout the book there are moments where you will get angry and there are some really great moments. Every time I pick up a John G. Hemry book, I am just amazed at how he brings the characters to life and also the technology.  I love the fact that we don’t get blasted and bogged down by techno babble. I also like that when people need to send communications there is lag, nothing in this Universe happens at speed, even down to the ship, which I like.  John G. Hemry is really populating the scifi genre universe with an amazing bout of great military scifi books and I hope he keeps blazing his way to the top!

Overall I really like this book a lot.  This book combines a style of Babylon 5 and Law and Order into one.  If you find yourself short of something to read and you fancy something scifi but with a twist of courtroom drama, then you really can not go wrong at all with getting this book. The whole book is a page turner from start to end, and it will keep you engaged all the way through. If you like military scifi with your courtroom drama on top then this is a book you really should read.

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