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Writer: Peter O’Donnell
Artist: Enric Badia Romero
Publisher: Titan Books
Review: by Ian Clarke.

Modesty Blaise is one of the UK’s most long lived comic book characters, along with her partner in crime, Willie Garvin, Modesty has been embroiled in caper after caper since 1963, first in the Evening Standard and onwards via comic strips, short stories, novels and film adaptations up 2001. Rumour has it that Quentin Tarantino is very keen to direct a Modesty Blaise feature, and Neil Gaiman has already written a script based on one of Peter O’Donnell’s novels.

In Live Bait we are presented with 3 stories, Samantha and the Cherub, Milord and the titular Live Bait. Considering the age of the stories (all were written in the late 80’s) the storylines contained are much darker than the newspaper comic strip artwork would initially imply…Here we have stories of Cold War politics , Snuff movies, human trafficking and hostage situations. While the dialogue may feel at times a little dated, and the artwork is very much tied to the 80’s, the storylines are more than gritty enough to keep you turning the pages. As each story was originally printed 3 or 4 cells at a time in a newspaper they are by necessity fairly easy to follow, and the action is fast and furious throughout.

All in all, I would fully recommend you pick yourself up a copy of Live Bait. Immerse yourself in the adventures of the Modesty Blaise a pulp legend and kick-ass heroine.

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