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Murdoch Mysteries

Titan Books to publish the ‘stupendously stimulating’ novels that inspired the hit TV crime drama.

“Jennings creates more than a period mystery. She brings alive 1895 Toronto.”–Publishers Weekly

Set in Toronto in the 1890s, Murdoch Mysteries is the much-loved crime series airing on Alibi TV. It follows detective James Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) as he uses the latest forensic techniques to solve crimes that highlight controversial social issues of the period from adultery and abortion to poverty and racism. An early anticipated sixth series of the remarkable historical mystery drama airs in February 2012.

Now, for the first time in the UK, Titan Books are publishing in print and e-book the compelling series of novels that inspired the show. Written by British-born award-winning author, Maureen Jennings, the series will launch with stand-alone adventures, Expect the Dying and Under the Dragon’s Tail.

Praise for Except the Dying:

“A first novel enriched by the vividness of its period settings and animated by the lifelike characters caught up in its broad social sweep.”
–New York Times

“A finely flavored plot, credible characters, and detailed atmosphere make this a winner.”
–Library Journal

“A chiller … impressive. An engaging historical mystery.”
–Houston Chronicle

Praise for Under the Dragon’s Tail:

“Life in late-19th-century Toronto comes startlingly alive in Jennings’s second gripping tale ….”
–Publishers Weekly

“There are touches of Anne Perry and Peter Lovesay in her clear-eyed look at the social ills of the period.”
–Denver Post

“A stupendously stimulating historical mystery that will garner new readers for a rising star.”
–Feminist Mystery Reviews

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