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By Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo.

Review by Dean Jennings.

From Titan Books. £14.99

Tanks, semi naked women and guns, and did I mention semi naked women? With explicit language, all I can say is Tank Girl is back! Oh one thing I totally forgot to mention; pants. There are lots and lots of pants.

It’s been a while since I last picked up anything to do with Tank girl and I was really hoping that it had kept its childish humour, but also its great story lines which always seemed to have some sinister people in the background working their evil manic magic.

Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising, written by Alan Martin and illustrated by Rufus Dayglo, is an amazing piece of art work. Throughout the Graphic novel it’s just simply outstanding. Rufus Dayglo really captures the world of Tank Girl, with its many different looks and feels. But he also brings that detail to other characters that are in the story as well. As you flip through the graphic novel, which I like to do before I settle down to read it, there were so many pictures and scenes that jumped out at me. There are so many different types of art styles in the novel, there can be really detailed machines in one cell to landscapes in another there really is a great range. When you first see the graphic novel you will understand what a great artist Rufus is, the front cover is eye opening to say the least and it really captures how cheeky and adult the contents are going to be.

The pace of the story is very well done. Once it got started, and the setting of the story started to make more sense, I really enjoyed it. I liked how people who were partaking in their own story lines behind the scenes were dropped in, but it did not feel like it was out of place. You are also welcomed to some of the characters that we all enjoy with likes of Jet girl, Booga and of course Tank Girl herself, which is every red blooded boy’s dream. As the story line continues however, it really starts to get a bit in-depth which is one twist I was not expecting, it starts to talk about time and space and the universe, which, as a side note I loved, it really added depth to something that was already a good story line and just made it better. I also liked the foot notes in some cells that have been added, giving you extra information for the story and some of them did me make laugh out loud.

If your a long term fan of Tank Girl then this will be a great added extra to your collection and to what is already a great universe. If you’re new to the Tank Girl universe then this is a great graphic novel to pick up and start reading, you will not be disappointed. Like I said earlier I have not picked up a Tank Girl Comic in a while and it’s like I have not been away from it. It still holds all the great things that make Tank Girl what she is. A must read for anyone, but also please remember it does contains a great deal of adult material, and pants!

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