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By Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and Stephen king
Review by Nicola whyman
Titan Books £14.99

Set in the 1920’s this book follows the story of 2 people. The first of which is pearl, who is hoping to hit the big time in Hollywood as an actress. You see pearl have an unfortunate set of events befall her that see her linked with the second lead in the book Skinner Sweet.

Sweet’s story starts in the 1880s with him and his counterparts preparing to rob a bank. He is a Wild West bandit but some of the scenes are very different to the Wild West we know. Sweet gets involved with some European nobles that see his life changed forever. Without spoiling the whys and the how’s
all I need say is the American vampire is born.

When I first got this book I wasn’t all that taken with the artwork, as I normally like a more modern high gloss novel. After starting to read it though, I couldn’t put it down the artwork fits so well within the period its set and would of looked odd if done any other way.

I love the depiction of the vamps that have been created and think that Rafael has done an amazing job, nice to see a return to good old vamps that burn in daylight.

Stephen king’s presence is felt as the short stories are both gruesome and gripping and a definite must read, Again not wanting to spoil anything for you as it is set as short stories I am not going to go into too much detail.

In conclusion if you like good old fashion vampire novels with a twist especially of the graphic Varity I would recommend this to you it’s a fantastic read. Don’t be put off by your first impressions of the artwork. Without wanting to spoil the plot I don’t really want to say anymore other than I thoroughly
enjoyed it and would definitely recommend you go out and buy it and give it a go.

Happy Reading

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