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Lord of souls: An Elder Scrolls novel

By Greg Keyes
Titan Books £5.99

I was looking forward to reading this book, Having recently started playing Skyrim I was hoping that this would give me an insight into the history of the world in which the game was set, having never played the original two elder scroll games. The idea of a large floating island and hordes of rampaging undead are a great way to perk my interest in a book regardless of where it’s set so the book seemed too good to be true.

However I was bitterly disappointed I found myself re-reading pages and on occasion whole chapters thinking I had missed something, references are made with no explanation and it jumps from place to place far too often, I never built up any empathy with the three main characters, not really caring about the struggles they were facing or even if they were successful finding myself feeling disconnected the whole way through.

I feel as though it is a failing on my part for not knowing the history that came before and maybe had I read the First book in the series I may have had more of an attachment to the characters involved and maybe cared more if they succeeded in their relevant tasks but I haven’t read the first book and I don’t know the history so the book left me feeling confused and deflated. Overall the book would probably appeal to those who have played all of the elder scroll games, but for those who are new to it or are just looking at picking it up for the read I would probably say move on or at least read the first book in the series.

By Chris

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